Recruitment Services

BMP TECHNOLOGIES is dedicated towards providing intelligent and reliable IT solutions in software development, software testing and professional services to a diversified global client base in a variety of industries. Professional Services is well equipped to understand, anticipate and respond to your evolving staffing needs. We are constantly developing and optimizing innovative staffing solutions to help you weather economic fluctuations, control costs and improve productivity. Our portfolio of service solutions enables us to meet your company’s staffing needs wherever it operates around the globe and across all of your business departments. To stay ahead in today's business environment Companies depend on highly skilled flexi and out-sourced staff to keep departments running smoothly and enhance productivity. Therefore more and more clients are now relying on Flexi Source services to address their manpower need. The service levels range from out-sourcing entry-level to senior management positions, hiring staffing for Interim requirements to Temp-to-Permanent Staffing solution.

Based on the needs and process of the client the improvement is done to fulfill and map the requirements. We initiate and then define the process characterized by the client. Dedicated team works on the same to measure and control the quality and improvise the gaps to fulfill client needs in the bounded time.


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Software Devolopment

BMP TECHNOLOGIES help companies optimize product development through its evolved product development processes and quality practices throughout the development lifecycle. Drawing upon our vast experience in technology, framework, product engineering, conceptualizing, developing and deploying products, we perceive the challenges underlying the product development process and ensure a seamless workflow across product development process. BMP Technologies is interested in the field of software services and new developments according to the requirements of the client like ERP, CRM & Billing softwares, Schools, offices,hospitals etc management softwares.

What is HP TRIM /RM8

HP Records Manager, formerly known as HP TRIM, is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) which is designed to meet the needs of business across both government and private sectors. HP Records Manager (HP TRIM) enables companies to securely manage large volumes of information and meet regulatory compliance.

HP Records Manager (HP TRIM) manages your business records from conception to disposal. HP Records Manager (HP TRIM) provides:

Simplified access to enterprise information through a modern web interface covering a broad spectrum of devices Streamlined capture, search, and management of business information from any source, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SharePoint, as well as Lotus Notes mail and a range of business applications.
A greater level of configurability. HP Records Management desktop, workflow, and integration tools allows you to adapt to many diverse business processes and information management needs of your organisation.
A secure records repository combined with extensive and more granular security and audit capabilities.
HP Records Manager 8 is designed to meet the International Standard of Records Management (ISO 15489:2001), as well as elements of ISO16175: Principles and Functional Requirements for Records in Electronic Office Environments.

HP TRIM / HP Records Manager Health Check

A HP TRIM / HP Records Manager Health Check is designed to help you maximise the operational effectiveness of your HP TRIM / HP RM implementation. The health check helps organizations ensure their software is able to perform at the highest level possible. A TRIM health check will also assist with the improved use of software features as well as functionality.

What is included in a HP TRIM / HP RM health check package?

The process begins with an analysis of your current configuration against specific criteria and best practice.
A written report is provided on completion of the health check detailing ways to fine tune the current configuration, to improve reliability, efficiency and usability, and you can expand the use of HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) within your organisation.

During the Health Check we will review:

Database setup and structure,
Form and field configuration,
Workflow and process,
User configuration, roles and scopes,
File management and investigation,
Report configuration and schedules,
Technical environment configuration; and Alerts configuration and schedules.
To organise your HP TRIM / HP Records Manager health check today, please call 0433735881 or email: RM8 Training
To discuss moving to HP Records Manager please contact us on

TRIM Upgrades

We are best in providing Upgrades to your version of HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) .BMP can assist with your HP TRIM / HP RM upgrade.

There are many advantages in upgrading your version of HP TRIM / HPRM on a regular basis:

Product enhancements
New functionality
Better performance
More stability
Improved integration
A supported platform
Better support and more

The complexity of a HP TRIM / HP Records Manager (HP RM) upgrade varies depending on a number of environmental factors to your organisation. Whatever your HP TRIM / HP RM setup and configuration is, we will bring real benefits to your upgrade. Our experienced staff have assisted clients in Australia.
If you are planning an upgrade and would like to know more, contact us